In the spirit of growth and evolution...
First it was art, then it was music. And as I enter the third decade of my life, I have found myself wishing I could record what my eyes saw at certain times in my life.

I have a vision of how things could look and sound, whether it's through filmmaking, web design, visual packaging and other forms of artistic (and practical) presentations. In 2004, I started working with a Canon MiniDV camera and creating a second home studio... venturing into dedicated video and film creation and editting exploration.

Kraley Productions has been established online to convey my vision in all those areas to others and attempt to form a network of other artists in the realms of photogaphy, video productions, sound track musicians, and any other events that may be spontaneously triggered from friendly networking in the honest pursuit of art. Anyway, no one likes getting shoved off into internet oblivion without knowing where they are stepping... so let me show you the way:

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