Since 1996, I've personally created and programmed by hand over 168 websites. Sadly, the 21st century has seen many of my clients' websites change or vanish over time - whether it be companies that have "gone out of business" or companies have moved onward to new management and/or new website design firms. The most common trend I've seen this century usually is one where we see a company whom has restructured themselves to include an internal person or department that now handles all their website (re)design needs and ever-changing content to lessen outside sourcing costs (i.e., "re-employing" my skills and services for continual updates). This portfolio, though linkably small, represents a wide spectrum (in a very small amount) of entities who requested my website design and programming talents - and are still using my original website design and programming originally provided for them. For specific references and contacts, please contact me.

The following example links serve as a mere "sliver" of websites still online, currently reflecting my artistic style, design and website functionality as of 2011:

Bloodstone Industries (Fansite)
Still Inertia (Music Group)
CRC Music (Record Label)
The B.S.I. Alliance (Fansite)
Kraley Productions (Production)

Clients with whom I do continual out-sourcing work for, have done original websites for, or have done one-time event website work for:

Cares4Pets (Non-Profit Org)
Thinsolutions, LLC
Cleveland Productions, LLC
Luce, Smith and Scott Law Firm
Gabe-Pro Chemical Corporation
The Cleveland Tenants Organization
Muggs Bar, Cleveland
New Pro Wrestling
Furia Realty
Akbar Zadara (artist)
Shoot: I Made It, Childrens Basketball
Access Link Communications, Inc.
AmeriTemps, Inc.
Mansour, Gavin, Gerlack & Manos, LPA
Single Star Motor Enterprises
RJ Careers
Graffiti Inc.
OsteoMed: Progresive Medicine
Ceres Insurance Corporation
Mapleside Orchard
Cafe Noir
New World Talk
CERES Insurance Group
Lutheran Chaplaincy Service
The Jack Hamir Radio Show
Commercial Siding & Maintenance, Co.
Ekoostik Hookah
S3 Records
AODK, Inc.
MMI Supply Company
Technical Exec Headhunters
EAC Adoption Agency
SRS Trinity Non-Profit Organization
The Liberty Bears Of Philadelphia
Michael Casey & The Bike Stop

Intriguingly: I've had many emails inquiring whether my own site was designed and programmed by me. So I'd like to take this moment to remind you that this site (as well as my other three: Still Inertia, CRC Music, and Kraley Productions) are prime examples of sites I artistically conceived, designed, programmed and currently maintain all on my own.

Additionally: Yes, I am able to set up complete PayPal and PayPal shopping cart interfaces, provided I either: 1) have access to your account (agreeing first to all non-disclosure/privacy documents) or: 2) if the requested "buttons" and secure server images (for invoice page creations) are provided by a client. Yes, I can embed QuickTime video content in website pages. No, I do NOT program Flash, Shockwave or any other third-party interface components or full websites, nor do I employ the use of CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) in my website programming. If you plan to maintain your website with updates on your own, inside a website I design and program for you, please make sure you have a basic grasp of HTML. Yes, I will consult with you on how to make such updates to your own website (after its completion) without destroying the functionality and look of your website involving my own programming.

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